About Senior Resource Services

Our Mission

To offer seniors the opportunity to maintain their physical, emotional, and mental health while living independently.

Our Vision

Enable seniors throughout Weld County to live independently.

Our Programs

Our volunteers provide transportation and caregiver respite to Weld County seniors aged 60 and older free of charge, regardless of income.

Our primary program includes transportation to medical appointments, grocery stores, financial and government institutions, social events, and personal grooming appointments. Often, the non-medical rides are as crucial as the medical.


Vera’s Story

Vera enjoyed a career in nursing and is the sweetest, most intelligent lady imaginable. She’s quite frail and can no longer drive, but she’s still active in her assisted living facility where all that she needs is close by except her husband, who
is in a nursing home several miles across town. SRS transports Vera to and from George’s nursing home each Wednesday and Friday, which is the only time they’re able to spend together.

senior-icon About Us

Thank you for the enormous blessing you are to me. It is impossible for me to express the distress I felt when the doctor told me I could not drive due to my eyesight. I was stunned! How could I possibly get to the places I need to go?

But then a treasured friend told me about the service dear people such as you offer. It is not only a great blessing to have the
transportation I need, but it is also such a special blessing to get to meet you!!!

With much appreciation,


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